Description: Muscle Magic is a local multiplayer brawler, in which players take control of the burliest wizards in the land and fight it out with a variety of wacky spells. It has been released on Steam to positive reception, amassing over 6000 downloads, and has been featured at both Dutch  Comic Con and INDIGOx (2019).

Role: Producer

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Project Duration: 32 weeks

Team Size: 25 - 18


Description: For my graduation year, I took on the task of managing two teams simultaneously throughout the early phases of development. Both projects are different in concept. with one being an management/survival game and the other a cooperative looter shooter, and both are aimed to release on Steam in 2020.

Role: Executive Producer

Platform: PC, PS4

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Project Duration: 16 weeks

Team Size: 51


Description: This Is IGAD! is a local 4-player coop experience created for applied purposes. The game was made with the underlying goal of teaching new IGAD students about the ins and outs of the education, mainly on the teamwork and reflection aspects. The game was released on Itch.io, and received positive feedback from students and staff alike.

Role: Associate Producer

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Project Duration: 8 weeks

Team Size: 13

Description: Planet Blitz is a top-down bullet hell game, focused around high-paced action and anticipation. The player is tasked defending the various villages of a planet overrun with robotic invaders, each village more difficult to defend than the last. The game is publicly available to download for free via the website we created for it.

Role: Producer

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Project Duration: 8 weeks

Team Size: 14


Agile Development

Throughout my years within IGAD, I have gained considerable experience within Agile project management. The main methodologies I have used are Scrum and Kanban, adapting my approach depending on the project status and development phase to continuously support the team in their goals and organise their workflow.

Risk Management

Across all of the projects I have managed, I have been responsible for the establishing the risk approach and analysing risks. I have mainly worked with the Prince2 method of risk management, and have in turn also mentored my teams in the method so that they could actively engage in the risk identification process.

Project Scoping and Budgetting

One of my main responsibilities has always been making the long term planning and man-hour divisions for the project, alongside prioritizing and maintaining the project backlog using tools such as Jira. I have a large amount of experience in scoping and prioritizing around major team deficits, such as only having 2 artists available for a year-long project.

Stakeholder Management

Throughout all of my projects, I have been responsible for directly communicating with and managing the expectations of stakeholders for each project. These stakeholders range from teaching staff and outsource teams within IGAD, to outside contractors and game distribution companies.

Data Analysis

I am always pro-actively gathering data from the team and project, and using said data to solve impediments in the development process and improve product quality. I use tools such Jira and Google Sheets to record and sort data, find patterns, and create meaningful conclusions that can both assist the team and inform stakeholders.

Project Management

Jira Logo

Atlassian Jira

3 years of experience


3 years of experience


1 year of experience



Microsoft Office Package

9 years of experience

Google Suite

6 years of experience

Adobe Photoshop

2 years of experience

Adobe Acrobat

2 years of experience



Unreal Engine

3 years of experience

Perforce Visual Client

3 years of experience


1 year of experience




I am a 4th year student within the International Game Development and Architecture program. I specialize in production, but my skills extend past this discipline as well, with experience in fields such as QA, marketing, video editing and audio design built up over the course of my study.


My experience mainly lies within facilitating large interdisciplinary teams of 25+ members - as well as multiple teams at the same time, with a total of 50+ members under my wing - through both PC and Console development, either as the solitary producer or in combination with a small production team. I am a very hands-on producer, always focused around identifying and solving impediments, adapting based on team feedback, and making development more efficient for my teams.


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International Game Development & Architecture

Breda University of Applied Sciences


1. English - fluent.

2. Dutch - fluent.

3. German - basic proficiency.