About me

I am currently a second year Design & Production student at the NHTV, where I currently mainly focus on production work. I very much enjoy data management and planning, and I would consider myself quite proficient at it. My main interest within the field of production is the constant impromptu and long-term issue solving. For me, not many jobs offer me as many welcome challenges to face on a daily basis related to team management, planning, scope and data management, providing me with the a constant drive to improve my own production work flow and the incorporation of production in the full team. 

Aside from production skills, I consider myself proficient in a large area of other design practices. I am more of a generalist designer, meaning I am willing to take up any job within the discipline and complete it to its fullest potential. I enjoy level design, UI/UX design and system design the most, but I am also fully on board with audio design and QA responsibilities. I have experience within all of these areas of design work over the span of my career at the NHTV, with continuous improvement in all of them. 




  • Rational and critical thinking regarding design.
  • Proficient at leading and participating in brainstorming meetings.
  • Rational playtesting skills.
  • Able to clearly convey my design ideas to other disciplines in the team. 
  • Clear and accessible design documentation. 
  • Broad range of interests and experience. 
  • Capable of keeping good overview of bugs and creating good QA plans. 
  • Good sense for project scope in relation to available man hours. 
  • Ability to create accessible scrum resources for interdisciplinary teams.
  • Capable of keeping a good project overview. 
  • Proficient at working with and managing people. 
  • Clear and consistent visual language for pipelines. 
  • Experience with agile scrum within game development.
  • Experience with software such as Jira, HacknPlan and Trello.



  • Good communicative skills within a team environment. 
  • Proficient at presenting & pitching. 
  • Quick and always eager to learn new things.
  • Determined and motivated worker. 
  • Efficient time management for personal tasks. 
  • Experience with creating Press Kit material. 
  • Experience with Unreal Engine. 
  • Base knowledge of blueprinting in relation to core gameplay and UI implementations. 
  • Experience with audio middleware such as Audacity and FMOD.

Contact Information

Phone number: +31 (06) 42 66 23 02