Spirit of the Totem


Note: this is a school project. All rights reserved to the NHTV Breda. 

Primary Role(s): Level Designer
Project duration: 2 weeks
Team size: 9
Game genre: Platformer

About: Spirit of the Totem is a 2D puzzle-platformer centred around a shaman and his spirit animal. The player takes control over the shaman by default, but can throw a small totem to summon a ghostly bear. Once the bear is summoned, the player takes control of the bear for a short amount of time. Each of the game's puzzles requires the two player characters to work in tandem to solve tricky block, pressure plate and lever challenges, in order to ultimately get the shaman to the end of the level. 

Tasks on the project:

  • Establishing a level design vision. 
  • Creating concepts and scoping for the puzzle mechanics. 
  • Creating level design sketches. 
  • Designing level flow and difficulty progression in cooperation with other level designers. 
  • Aligning a coherent level vision with other level designers. 
  • Blocking out level concepts in Unreal Engine.
  • Testing and iterating on level designs in Unreal Engine. 

To try out the game for yourself, please press the download button below to download a .zip file with the latest build