Note: this is a school project. All rights reserved to the NHTV Breda. 

Primary Role: Associate Producer
Secondary Role: QA Lead
Project duration: 3 weeks
Team size: 9
Game genre: Puzzle

About: Kindai is a puzzle game entirely based around guiding a river through various towns in order to supply them with water. You control this river in an extra-ordinary way, however: via a custom cube controller with built-in gyroscope, the player can manipulate the cubical game world one-to-one with the cube in their hands by rotating and twisting it around. The goal is to supply all the towns in a level with water, in order to fully re-vitalize the environment of each planet.
Kindai was designed for a Marmalade project, with the goal of designing a game around custom controller hardware made by ourselves. 

Tasks on the project:

  • Managing the project scope.

  • Executing sprints, stand-ups and sprint reviews.

  • Managing team communication & dependencies.

  • Managing production pipelines.

  • Managing and mitigating risks via Risk Analysis.

  • Analyzing and managing sprint velocity.

  • Setting up QA testing plans.

  • Testing the game build daily for bugs.

  • Managing the bug list and QA pipeline.

Unfortunately, the build of the game is unable to be played without the custom controller in place. As a supplement, the trailer is available to watch via clicking the button below. 


The following section describes some of my key tasks on the project - as briefly listed in the section above - in more detail, all the while providing examples of my work and documentation to look at for those who are interested. 

Agile Scrum & scope management

Excerpt from my Scope Bteakdown for the Kindai Project.

Excerpt from my Scope Bteakdown for the Kindai Project.

Throughout the project, I managed the team dependencies, scrum systems and project scope. My main focus was delivering the project with the custom controller in place with at least the Minimum Viable Product delivered. Despite some slowdown on the controller tech itself, we succeeded in these goals, putting together the deliverable the stakeholders (NHTV teaching staff) were expecting.

The general team structure followed a similar approach as I had in other projects. There were spokespersons/leads for each discipline that could help with issue solving within their discipline and assist with estimations, while stand-ups were done with the full team since the team size was manageable enough for this. The scope was aimed at delivering the minimum viable product in order to show off the strength of the concept and the custom controller tech, since the deliverable was meant to be more of a prototype. 

With the buttons below, some of my documentation regarding production for this project can be downloaded. 

QA Lead

Excerpt from one of the test plans from the Build Test Plans document.

Excerpt from one of the test plans from the Build Test Plans document.

Next to my main production responsibilities in this project, I took up QA responsibilities. This included bug list maintenance, frequent communication with the programming team and QA test plan creation. The testing was not always able to be fully completed due to malfunctioning of the controller, but was still done on a regular basis.

The general flow for bug management was largely managed via Discord, our online communication tool for the team. In Discord, people could report bugs to me, which I would then formally analyse by testing for them in the game and putting them through all the categories in the bug list. Additionally, I did regression testing and smoke testing myself to look for any issues with the game.

My bug list and build test plans can be downloaded with the buttons below.