Planet Blitz


Note: this is a school project. All rights reserved to the NHTV Breda. 

Primary Role: Producer
Secondary Roles: QA Lead, Press Kit Creation
Project duration: 8 weeks
Team size: 14
Game genre: Bullet Hell

About: Planet Blitz is a top-down bullet hell game centered around a Nature Spirit defending her home from a robot invasion. The game is played by traversing a spherical world on which the player defends villages from the evil invaders. You are tasked with defending each of the villages in sequence, with the waves of enemies coming your way becoming ever more difficult to deal with. 

Tasks on the project:

  • Managing the project scope. 
  • Executing sprints, stand-ups and sprint reviews. 
  • Managing team communication & dependencies.
  • Managing production pipelines.
  • Managing and mitigating risks via Risk Analysis. 
  • Analyzing and managing sprint velocity.
  • Setting up QA testing plans. 
  • Testing the game build daily for bugs. 
  • Managing the bug list and QA pipeline. 
  • Trailer storyboarding and creation (see website).
  • Game screenshots and description (see website). 
  • Guidance of logo and flow of game website. 

For more information on the game and a chance to download the latest build, click the button below.


The following section describes some of my key tasks on the project - as briefly listed in the section above - in more detail, all the while providing examples of my work and documentation to look at for those who are interested. 

Agiel Scrum & Scope Management

Excerpt from Scope Breakdown used for this project.

Excerpt from Scope Breakdown used for this project.

Throughout the duration of the Planet Blitz project, I was the producer. Due to development troubles in earlier weeks, I had a bit more management responsibility than the average producer in order to push the team in a better direction. This means that aside from leading stand-ups and sprint reviews, creating the planning and managing scope & pipelines, I was also more involved with maintaining team communication and keeping the PO's vision in tact. 

The scope for this project was mainly focused on getting a full game experience out into the world, but this did not quite come to fruition due to road blocks we hit in earlier weeks. In the end we cut down scope severely to an easier to manage concept with only one level but more content in said level to actually make the playtime of the game worthwhile. Coupled with some re-using of assets in different compositions and cutting down on enemy types and power-ups, we managed to deliver a solid end project despite some troubles along the way. 

With the button below, my Scope Breakdown for the project can be downloaded as an example of my Production work.  


QA Lead

Small excerpt from the bug list for Planet Blitz.

Small excerpt from the bug list for Planet Blitz.

Next to my daily production tasks, I took it upon myself to take up all of the major QA responsibilities as well. This meant that I kept the bug list up-to-date in cooperation with the programming team, and smoke-tested and regression tested the build per new version, meaning at least once a week. 

The QA testing was mainly focused around making sure the base features of the game worked without much issue, and that players were not able to cheat their way around enemies or obstacles by exploiting certain glitches. Bugs were maintained well and addressed quickly, with at least one or two programmers a week having a full 8 hour-man day buffer to fix issues.

With the buttons below, my documentation for Build Test Plans and the bug list can be downloaded. 

Press Kit Creation

In the post-production stages of the project, I took up the responsibility of creating Press Kit material for our project. This was done in cooperation with our programming lead to create the website for hosting said Press Kit material, and our art lead for feedback on screenshot and trailer composition, and for creating the game and team logos. 

My process for creating the Press Kit went as follows: I first outlined my general plans and created a game description, after which I researched trailer and screenshot material for other similar indie titles to see what would work for our Press Kit and what would not.

Once research was completed, I story-boarded and created the trailer for the game. This trailer was focused mainly around action set-pieces and showcasing the game's core loop and enemy variants. Screenshots were also made to showcase the core gameplay, but also to show off the art assets by composing environmental and enemy model shots. 

The video attached to this description is the game trailer. For other Press Kit material, the website we created is once again linked with the button below.